A Day with Mad Ideas on Linux

Well, I think it’s mad ideas comes inside my mind while walking in the street on my way home. I decided to install ubuntu on my home PC. I have the ubuntu DVD, and I already installed it on my laptop. But I want to install it on my home PC.

However, I don’t have DVD device in my home PC, but I have a network connection between the laptop and home PC. My laptop has a kubuntu 6.10 edgy, and my home PC is Windows XP. the first step I did is to view the shares on Windows XP from the ubuntu machine, and Thanks to Allah, i saw them, and I was enable to write files to it. I freed some space from 11 GB drive, and I prepared it for installation.

A mad idea came again to my mind, Is it possible to install ubuntu from Windows XP? I google to find the answer, and I found a project in the development phase for creating an installer for ubuntu which connects to ubuntu servers to get the latest release and install it to a drive and updates the bootloader. I tried to use it, but I stopped when I knew that I had to download the whole distribution from internet.

I decided to install the ubuntu from my own DVD, but I have to create an ISO image for that DVD and transfer it to Windows.

I created the ISO image from shell by using the command:
mkisofs -o imagefile.iso /folder

I wish now to create the image file directly to a folder which mounts the Windows share, I tried to mount the share folder to a mount point so that I access it from shell, but I failed. I discovered that I have to install smbfs package, and I did it by the command:
sudo apt-get install smbfs

the wonderful ubuntu did it, and smbfs was installed. I mounted the directory successfully by the command:
sudo mount -t smbfs //HOMEPC/F smbf/

WOW, it succeeded, and I’m now creating the ISO image on the network share…


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