Ubuntu 7.10 Instead of KUbuntu 7.10

Yesterday, I decided to replace KUbuntu 7.10 with Ubuntu 7.10. I also downloaded the LiveCD of Ubuntu from internet, and booted from it, installed ubuntu as before.

I noticed in the installation program, a new dialog shows option for migrating Windos XP accounts into Ubuntu, and it detected my existing accounts, but I didn't choose any one.

The installation goes smoother except for an error in security updates. After installation, I started to figure out this version. The first thing I got is an indication for restricted drivers for my ATI card and Modem. the dialog gives me option to enable both. The modem was enabled easily by checking the checkbox. After checking the checkbox of the modem, Ubunutu downloaded some files from internet, and it enabled it (but I didn't test it yet).

Checking ATI checkbox gave me error about xorg-driver-fglrx not enabled. I performed some search on internet, and I found the solution. the solution is running the command:

sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl

Then trying to re-check the checkbox, it also downloaded some files from internet, and then ATI optin is now enabled.

Now, trying the bluetooth, I installed the USB bluetooth module, it was also detected in a moment like KUbuntu, I enabled bluetooth in my smart phone, and tried to explore my phone. But it gave me an error saying it's an invalid location.

After some research on internet, I found that I have to run the command:
sudo apt-get install gnome-vfs-obexftp

After installing this package and restarting, my phone was explored very easily, and files was transfered from and to the phone very easily.

Ubuntu 7.10 enabled Reading and Writing to NTFS partitions so it's not needed to install any other packages or doing any other configuration.

When I tried to play some music, Ubuntu automatically searched for the codecs, and installed them, then run the music very easily.

Ubuntu comes with firefox, and ubuntu has detected some updates, I confirmed to get these updates, and they was downloaded and installed very easily.

Regarding local networks, Ubuntu 7.10 also automatically detected my Windows PC, and Windows shares, and I was able to transfer files from and to these shares very easily.

As a summary, I found Ubuntu 7.10 better than KUbuntu, and much easier, robust, and also fast.


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