Why Are You Asked to Restart After Install or Uninstall Software?

Have you ever wondered why are you asked to restart your computer after installing or uninstalling certain softwares? This happens nearly most of the time and I bet most of you never really asked why do you need to restart or what will happen when you restart your computer. Sometimes it is really annoying because you’re in the midst of doing something and you’re prompted to restart. Of course you can always select “No, I will restart my computer later.” and only restart after finishing your work on your computer but to me, I sometimes tend to worry about the stability of the operating system if I don’t restart. What if I am unable to save my work after spending hours on it? Also, if you don’t restart after installing patches from Windows Updates, your Windows is still vulnerable to the bug that the update is supposed to patch. So, the best practice is to always restart whenever Windows requires to you.

Here is a very common prompt that ask you to restart computer after installing software or updates using InstallShield. It says “InstallShield Wizard Complete. Setup has finished installing XXXXXX on your computer.” You have 2 options to select that is “Yes, I want to restart my computer now” or “No, I will restart my computer later.”
Yes I want to restart my computer now

Here is how you can decide whether to restart or not when you’re prompted to.


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