A Day without my Notebook

Two days ago, I found some problems with my new notebook, and decided to exchange it. From that day, I’ve been staying without a notebook. OH, I’m alone in the world !!!

I started to look for alternatives. I asked myself a question, What can I do without a notebook?

Actually, I reached many solutions, but all these solutions need at least a computer. My old notebook had a damaged hard drive. but the CD-ROM is working. Good !!

I got an idea to use LiveCDs. what is a LiveCD?

A LiveCD is a bootable CD that can run an operating system from the CD-ROM. All users have to do is to download the ISO CD image, burn it to CD, and boot computer from CD. That’s All!!!

I downloaded some examples to LiveCDs. One of them is the DamnSmallLinux, other is SLAX, and Ubuntu…

To be continued…


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