Working with SATA Hard Drive

Well, in the previous post, I started the installation of Windows XP on my new Toshiba notebook. I got an error message and I got shocked about it in the first screen of my installation.

I performed an internet search and I found that this is a common problem. Microsoft doesn’t support SATA hard drive in their installation of Windows XP. So, The driver of SATA hard drive shall be added to the installation. The common method is to press F6 at the start of the installation to verify the driver of SCSI or SATA drive.

However, this is a stupid method, because it will ask u to inset the FLOPPY drive which contain the driver. Most notebooks don’t have floppy friver, and hence we cannot go such way.

I performed another internet search and I found some solutions. First, we have to get the driver of the SATA controller and extract it. the main idea is to inject this drive into Windows XP installation files. Some people illustrate how to do this manuallay, and some suggested nLite. So, what is nLite? nLite is a tool that can create a customized Windows XP installation CD with many options, u can use it to create a fully automated Windows XP setup so that u just inset the CD, and wait for some time, and then u will have a Windows XP installation on ur computer.

nLite can be easily used to solve the problem of SATA, just select Drivers section in nLite program, and add the folder of the extracted SATA files, and nLite will add it to Windows XP installation files.

I tried this method, and I created Windows XP installation with SATA driver and the problem was fixed very easily.


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