Microsoft publishes a preview of Windows 4.0 Search

Microsoft has published a preview of Windows Search 4.0 to update its engine indexing in Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008. Available for 32 editions and 64 bits of the different systems, Windows Search 4.0 is an opportunity for the publisher to improve some important points.

Here are the main innovations presented by Redmond:

  • Many of the problems corrected
  • The complaints run an average of 33% faster than version 3.0 (included in Vista)
  • All computers running Windows 4.0 Search of the same network now index the contents of each of them, according shared directories. The search is now faster and consumes fewer resources.
  • The index can now be restored since the last known good state. In case of problems, its content is no longer lost and rebuilt from scratch.
  • Indexing Exchange is now faster, packets sent over the network are fewer, as well as invitations PRC. The process is also much lighter on the Exchange server itself.
  • The support for political groups has been expanded and improved, policies per user has been added
  • Support EFS: encrypted files are now indexed in the same way as other research to provide natural, and without difference.

For downloads, it is enough to go on one of the following pages:

View article…


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