Do I need an Antivirus for Linux?

Do I need an Antivirus for Linux?
Few monthes ago, I was thinking the same way, until I met a friend from Mcafee. He told me about some new techniques for viruses that can spread on computer systems by doing things u think it’s really normal. This is from scripts that can be embedded within video files, music files or even a Word document.
From this point, I decided that I won’t use any operating system without antivirus. The advantage of Linux that encourage people not to put antivirus on this operating system is that Windows Viruses cannot run of such operating systems and hence they are harmless.
But How about virus programs on linux?? Of course they are really hard to trace !! However, u can find a free version of AVG antivirus for Linux, try it out.
Calmav has a disadvantage is that it doesn’t contain an On-Access scanner, which means that it doesn’t scan file automatically, u will need to run the program to check for viruses.

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