Removing autorun.inf Created by Virus

My pc was infected by trojan, i removed virus by using AVG. but i got new problem that I cant open C:\ drive When I try to open any drive like (C:\,D:\,E:\) its asking application to open with., I choose Explore, but I cant go direct in the drive.
every time i have to open explor first.

This is actually due to the autorun.inf file that exist in the root of each drive. this is file is created by the virus and it’s hidden, read-only and system file so u will not be directly able to delete it.
to delete it, u will have to
1- go Start->Run type cmd and press Enter.
2- U will open the Command Line tool, go to the root of each drive with the command cd\ + Enter
3- type: attrib -r -h -s autorun.inf  + Enter. This command will remove the permissions on the autorun.inf file
4- The next step is to delete this file with the command: del autorun.inf + Enter. This will delete the file.
5- Repear the above steps for each drive in ur computer.
6- after finishing all drives, reboot and u will access drives easily.


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