[HOW TO] Use CVS with Eclipse IDE

  1. Start Eclipse and Create a new workspace
  2. Select the preferences dialog from Window menu
  3. Select Team → CVS → Ext Connection Method → select “Use another connection method type to connect” → Connection Type “extssh”
  4. Press OK to exit the dialog.
  5. To get the project from CVS. Select File → Import
  6. Select “Checkedout projects from CVS” selection and click Next.
  7. Enter CVS information as shown below and replace username field with your ID then click Next.
  8. Select Module to checkout as shown below and then click Next.
  9. Fill in project information and click Next.
  10. Select the workspace that you add the project to and click Next.
  11. If you want to select a specific tag, select it from the following window then click Finish to end the wizard.
  12. Click Refresh Tags to refresh the branches and tags on the CVS. Then expand the tree in the above dialog.
  13. Select the branch of your name and click finish.
  14. You have to check that the tree you checked out from the CVS is your branch. This is done by looking at the tree root in eclipse.
  15. You will note that your branch name is placed beside the word src 
  16. Now, you are ready to work with the project.

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