Installing Vista Business with SP1

Although I stayed last week in installing and running Windows Vista, and I was very angry from it due to the very slow response I found, and The long update process that occur after installing the operating system. I decided yesterday to install Windows Vista with integrated SP1.

Windows Vista SP1 is completely different from the normal Vista, it comes with service pack updates integrated inside the operating system, and such updates are installed automatically with the installation of the operating system. SP1 makes Vista acceptable with huge difference in the performance, and this is the main issue. Vista Performance is the most important issue.

The installation I performed was an upgrade to my Windows XP, so files and settings are not touched. One of the great notes I noticed is that I was putting My Documents folder on driver D, and after the upgrade, it still on D, and the operating system recognized that and kept it on D, which I’m normally accessing it from Computer.

After installation, I stopped some services like Windows Search, which I don’t need. I tried to install Mcafee 2004, but compatbility issue appeared which prevented me from completing the installation. Then, I installed Mcafee Antivirus and Firewall, which stopped the Windows Defender service without any notification from the operating system.


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