Hard Technical Times – Microsoft, the Service Pack Company

4 days passed while trying to configure a Windows Server 2008 environment. These days are really very hard, I don't know whey Microsoft changed her strategy which was based on creating Easy to Deploy system !!!

Although they are announcing on their website that such software is easy to deploy, but when you get into real situation, this is really wrong. From the past 4 days, I assure that you can name Microsoft as a Service Pack company. This is sure true, and let's see why is that:
1- My system consists of 4 servers, a domain controller server, internet gate, development server, and a server for backup.
2- the domain controller server will contain Windows 2008, when I installed it I found it Windows Server 2008 With Service Pack1 (1)
3- domain controller setup goes easy, nothing hard.
4- the internet gateway will consist of Windows Server 2008, ISA Server 2006 for protection and internet control.
5- Some hours were wasted until I discovered the FACT that ISA Server 2006 will not work with Windows 2008. the ForeFront is the new generation of ISA.
6- ForeFront requires SQL2005 with Service Pack 2 (2), IIS 7, GMPC with Service Pack 1 (3), Windows Update Service (WSUS) with Service Pack 1 (4), .NET 1.1 with Service Pack 1 (5), .NET 3.0.
7- To install SQL 2005 (which fails in setup), you have first to install .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 which fixes some issues in Windows.
8- After installing ForeFront, we have to install ForeFront Service Pack 1 in order to work !!!! I didn't reach this step yet.

How Do you Feel !!!! BAD


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