Join Google, Startup Dies. Leave Google, Startup Created

On the other hand, leaving Google, means creation of new startup. Many of developers who left google, created their own startup companies. For example, the team lead and initial developer for GMail and AdSense, when he left Google, he created FriendFeed startup company. I think they are right in leaving Google, because they reached their top success their and they need to achieve another success in another place. So, they leave, and then they create their own business.
In addition, they may form teams to create bigger business, I saw some casts about a set of developers, 6 or 7 that create some business web applications and deployed them online. The more interesting point, is that when this startup grows, other giants (like Google) acquires it to make use of the developed business, and integrates the code into Google code base.
One of the biggest examples on this, is Youtube. Another recent example is Ardvark, which is a web application that performs answering services between website members and now it’s acquired by Google. (Of course for some millions of dollars).
3o2baaly lamma 2laa2y 7ad y3mel ma3aya business keda !!!!

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