Why Nokia maps are better than Google maps

Google is really a wonderful company on data usage and analysis. However, I would suggest to them to create an offline version, for different countries, like what Nokia did. Nokia also has a map software with navigation capabilities like what Google has (but not that powerful). However, Nokia presents offline versions of database to be downloaded to mobile devices so that users use it while they don’t have internet access.

I tried to do this before using different software applications that allow to download Google maps for mobile offline usage, but the problem is that these software downloads each point on Google map to a separate file, in addition, if you use high level of zoom (for more details), you get more and more of files (thousands and may be millions). Putting such huge number of files into mobile flash memory is a really disaster, because the flash memory readers (built inside the mobile phones) are slow and cannot deal with such huge number of files while reading data from them. So, this is a great problem.


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