Annoying issue when replying emails from GMail on Galaxy Ace Android (with Solution)

Here is the situation:

I want to reply an email through Gmail android application on Galaxy Ace with Android 2.3. then clicking Reply button.

it usually takes about a second to respond and display the reply page.

During this second, the user may think that he missed the reply button and decides to re-press it again.

At the same moment, the application responds and displays the reply page, while the user is attempting to press reply button.

the surprise is, In the reply page, the SEND button is at the same place of reply button. At the same time, that user is thinking he is pressing REPLY button, but actually, he pressed SEND 😦

So, the user finds the message is sent !!! without writing the reply message 😦

I faced this problem multiple times when trying to respond to emails through Gmail android application

the solution is:

There is a check-box in the application settings under Confirm Actions, check Send check-box. By checking this box, the message will not be sent unless you pass the confirmation dialog that appears when press Send button. This gives the user an opportunity not to directly send the message (even by error).


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