Convert DTS sound tracks of Movies to AC3 format

When trying to watch some movies on LG LED TV, then a situation may happen that there is no Audio produced by the TV. The most probably reason for this, is that the movie is having sound with format called DTS (Digital Theater System). This format is not a free format and it should be licensed, and hence most TVs are not supporting this format. (Some rumors indicated it may be contained in new TVs due to a sort of agreement between LG and DTS producers).

However, to resolve the issue, the sound inside the movie is simply converted to another supported format, like AC3. To do this, here is the procedure:

Load tool from

the follownig utilities should be available, and pointed to by the above tool:

C:Program FilesMKVtoolnixmkvinfo.exe
C:Program FilesMKVtoolnixmkvextract.exe
C:Program FilesMKVtoolnixmkvmerge.exe

also, media info utility at: C:Program FilesMediaInfoMediaInfo.DLL

If the above utilities not existing, the AudioConveter allows you to download them.

Then specify the source movie, and the target location, and press RUN

Then, have fun 🙂


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