Blue Screen at start of installation Windows Server 2003 on HP Pro 3010

You need to load the SATA ACHI drivers for the machine at the F6 prompt that comes up at the beginning of the Windows XP installation.

Below are the drivers. You probably don’t have floppy drives on the PC’s so just put these drivers on a USB flash drive and point the installation program to them when prompted to do so.

The other alternative you have is to go into your BIOS and change the setting of your disk controller in the Computer Setup-Main menu from ACHI to IDE. Then you can load XP without installing the ACHI drivers beforehand.

See Chapter 3, page 15 of the maintenance guide below for where to find the BIOS settings:

Once XP is installed you can then load the above drivers manually by following the instructions beginning on page 12 of this document. It is for notebooks but there would be no difference in the procedure for desktops.

Ignore the reference to the setup folder because I gave you the drivers above. Just download them and put them in a folder you name and browse to that folder to install the drivers.

Before installing the ACHI drivers you will need to install the chipset driver first. You would want to do that anyway before installing any other drivers regardless.…

After you get the ACHI drivers loaded you can go back into your BIOS and select the ACHI option again for better disk performance.


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